Crushed – Garage Project AU

The Crushed Story

In 2016 Garage Project teamed up with winemaker Alex Craighead to produce a range of unique and boundary pushing wines from our Marion Street ‘Wild Workshop’.

At its heart, this is true ‘Vins de Garage’ - wine from the Garage, in an urban setting, where nothing is off the table.

Alex is a well respected natural wine maker with his own winery in Nelson. Alex manages our leased vineyards in Nelson and the fruit goes through his winery en route to Marion St in Wellington.



Our approach is to challenge existing ideas around conventional wine and wine making. To mirror what we do with our brewing we are here to inject some energy and excitement into one of the world's oldest drinks. We are doing this by taking approaches and techniques that brewers have discovered around yeast and bacteria that winemakers might not have considered.

This is natural focused wine with almost all of our fruit being practised, in conversion or certified organic. This is not industrial wine making, although we’re not averse to pitching specific strains or enzymes to achieve a desired result. We are picking and choosing techniques that suit our needs to start and provoke a dialogue.