January Party Pack – Garage Project AU

January Party Pack

Let's start the year right shall we? 

Presenting our latest, monthly hand-selected six-pack, comprised of the latest and greatest out of the garage. 

Each January Party Pack includes:

2 x Fresh - January 2022. 440ml can
      Monthly Hazy IPA. 7%

1 x Double F*ck You 2021. 440ml can
     Double Hazy IPA. 9.2%

1 x Progressive Infinte Iterations II. 440ml can
      Hazy IPA. 8%

1 x Primal Stream. 440ml can
      Sour Hazy IPA Hybrid. 6.7%

1 x Air Drop. 440ml can
     NZ Hopped Pilsner. 6.1%