Brewery – Garage Project AU


It was way back in 2011 when we moved into the Garage.


It was a derelict petrol station and car workshop with a colourful history. It had been a Jaguar workshop, run by a female race car driver and mechanic Sybil Lupp, but by the time we came to Aro looking for a space to start our brewery, the building had seen better days. I remember sitting on a dusty old couch, surrounded by rusting cars, cobwebs and cardboard boxes, watching the rats running along the rafters, and wondering what we’d got ourselves into.


It took a while but we cleaned it up enough to pass the local council health regs and moved in with our little pilot brewery. Back then this is what we wrote…

Welcome to the Garage Project.


To start with we’ll be tiny. This won’t even be micro brewing… it’ll be a truly nano brewery. What we lack in size we will more than make up for in agility and the ability to experiment. When you’re brewing on such a small scale you can afford to take risks. You can try things on a 50 litre brew kit that you wouldn’t dream of attempting on a 50 or even 5 hectolitre brew kit. That suits us. We’re here to try something new.


We’re starting small. Want to see where we end up? Stay tuned…


Some things have changed since then, but not everything. Things are a little bigger now. After 24/24 we were able to get a bigger brewery. We brewed on that for a year before we outgrew it and opted for another twice it’s size. We got a bottling machine and canning machine and we’ve added a cellar door where you can taste and takeaway the changing line up of Garage beers. We’ve still got the 50 litre kit, you can still see it at work from the cellar door.


We’re bigger but we still like to keep things interesting. It’s still a work in progress- it will always be the Garage Project.