Fresh - February | '24 background

Fresh - February | '24

Monthly Hazy IPA


$49.00 ea
Brewed withChinook, Dry-hopped Motueka, Rakau, Simcoe

Fresh IPA, a rolling, ever changing, monthly series of one offs, brewed in small batches and available only from our brewery outlets and only while stocks last. Each batch is an opportunity to try a new brewery fresh IPA, unfiltered and unfined, showcasing a unique combination of yeast, malt and hops. Just fun, fresh hoppy beer at its best.

We’re into 2024 proper now. The silly season is over but there’s still plenty of sunshine and good times to be had. And to kick it all off here’s **FRESH FEB.
**It’s an extra light lager and wheat combo in the grist, with just a tiny touch of Chinook cryo in the whirlpool and heavy dry hop hit of Motueka, Rakau and Simcoe. Now, beer descriptors can be a little flamboyant at times, and one could be forgiven for approaching them with a healthy amount of scepticism. But seriously, when I tried a can of FRESH FEB all I could think was pink milk! I shit you not. Like the stuff you’d make up with spoonfuls of pink powder stirred into a glass of milk when you were a kid.
They say you start drinking a beer with your eyes, and that lush light coloured haze definitely sends the brain subliminal milk messages. Then there’s an extra smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel, followed up with an upfront rush of sweet strawberry and background notes of mango, ripe cantaloupe and peach. Maybe I’m getting carried away, but whatever is happening, it’s definitely delicious!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Fresh February.